Director IV


While our commitment to our constituents remain steadfast, the Department of Health, Center for Health Development Cordillera conveys the message of hope to our stakeholders. DOH-CHD-CAR is more than a healthcare provider, we are a multifaceted agency. We want to connect and dialogue with our people, the Cordillerans, as they grow in knowledge and faith that the health sector is doing their best to meet the needs of the people to deliver a fast and quality services in the community. Furthermore, the communication technology we now have impacted our social life, the way we think, the way we interact and the way we behave. We realized social media is a fast and efficient way to communicate with our stakeholders.

At DOH-CHD-CAR, we are committed to leveraging health advances. Our vision, mission and purpose reflects those of public health; given at the national level and tailored to our local needs. Every program that we develop strives to assure the public of quality management and accessibility of health services; leading the country in the development of a productive, resilient, equitable and people centered health system.

The past two years we have seen impressive changes and these changes have been influenced by individuals which has had a lot of impacts on lives of the people across the region. One of them was Dr. Lakshmi I. Legaspi, who has shared her life, culture and passion to us, Cordillerans.

Public Health Programs of the Department of Health-CHD-CAR are made available to our constituents from every corner of the region where the community encompass every socioeconomic, marital status, race, religion and denomination, age and lifestyle. We help prevent epidemics and the spread of diseases, help protect against environmental hazards, and encourage healthy behaviors and overall health through health communication and promotion. DRRM-H/HEM which were virtually a few chairs operation has changed into sprawling areas with attention to every detail. DRRM-H/HEM now have teams that respond to disasters and assist communities in recovery, partnering with like-minded organizations and other government agencies.

We hear so much these days about caring for our world and its resources. As public health advocates, we have shared our journey, as frontliners and supporters. What drives us to go forth and deliver the services our constituents need is our passion to serve. To gain the trust and confidence of the community, we should be relevant and responsive to the needs of families, women, children and elderly. We know we can give the best services if we do it together.

Every people has a story to tell and every journey involves struggle, setback and tragedy that are beyond our expectations and control. It is the plight of every individual’s journey and we can’t change it because only the Creator is bound to change it all. We believe that in the midst of the storm, hope exist. We just have to seek every opportunity to find the hope that is just around the corner because there is HOPE in every story.

So be blessed and together we can create an amazing support group who will go on to influence and change the world around us, for a Healthy Cordillera.