33 recoveries, 2 deaths, and 30 cases in which 28 are for verification recorded today in the region.

Data Update/Correction:- CAR 70961: Delisted – Double Entry: Known Case- CAR 88904: Delisted – Double Entry: Known Case

Recoveries:- 5 in Apayao- 17 in Baguio City- 2 in Benguet- 9 in Mt. Province

Deaths:- 1 in Kalinga (CAR 66855:71F)- 1 in Mt. Province (CAR 91489:89M)

Cases:- 1 in Abra- 12 in Baguio City (12 for verification)- 16 in Benguet (16 for verification)- 1 in Kalinga

for breakdown of cases please visit this link:http://bit.ly/CAR-Breakdown-of-Cases

NOTE:• Some data may change as new information occurs based on further verification and investigation.• New cases received by our office undergo further verification before being posted to provide more accurate and reliable information. This may cause slight delays in the reflection of new cases.• Cases that are for further verification are subject to data changes.

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