The DOH-CAR Citizen’s Charter

The Citizen’s Charter is a clear expression of the “front-line” and most-requested services of an agency, and who are the customers entitled or qualified for those services. It describes the step-by-step procedure for availing a particular service, and the guaranteed performance levels. The Citizen’s Charter enables citizens and clients to check their expectations against what is offered, and provides a mechanism for giving feedback when expectations are not met. The Citizen’s Charter is kept up-to-date, especially in regard fees and charges, and is displayed in a conspicuous place in the DOH-CAR Office.  A handbook also contains the updated Citizen’s Charter, which is also accessible to the public through the DOH-CAR website.

The DOH CAR employees formulated the Citizen’s Charter governing their support to the Anti-Red Tape Act of 2007. The following expresses the Service Pledge of the officials and employees of DOH CAR:

“We, the officials and employees of the DOH CAR, pledge and commit to deliver quality public services as promised in this Citizen’s Charter. Specifically, we will:

  • Serve with integrity;
  • Be prompt and timely;
  • Display procedures, fees and charges;
  • Provide adequate and accurate information;
  • Be consistent in applying rules;
  • Provide feedback mechanism;
  • Be polite and courteous;
  • Demonstrate sensitivity and appropriate behavior and professionalism;
  • Wear proper uniform and identification;
  • Be available during office hours;
  • Respond to complaints;
  • Provide comfortable waiting area; and
  • Treat everyone equally.